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Aft Cabin Motor Yachts

  • Activities: Overnight Cruising and Day Cruising
  • Length Range: 25 - 60 ft.
  • Average price: $106,000
  • Propulsion: Inboard Engine or Stern Drive Engine

If you’re searching for a little extra privacy between you and your guests onboard, an aft cabin motor yacht is the ideal boat to meet your needs. A unique style cruiser, their design almost always places an emphasis on accommodations over the importance of performance or appearance. The common design situates the sleeping accommodations aft, behind the cockpit. Sometimes the main cabin can be forward of the cockpit, or beneath—if it has a center cockpit configuration. Owners will find that they have a lot more cabin space, but less room on deck. Typically aft cabins make great boats for liveaboards, extended cruisers and overnight cruisers. Aft cabins aft cabins are often equipped with double berths, and have longed for newer models to provide more useful layouts with twin over-and-under single berths that can be used by kids.

Unfortunately, one main complaint often heard by those with a history of aft cabin ownership is poor ventilation. Very few aft cabins have effective cross ventilation, which can create an issue when cruising in the topics, in the rain, or when you are underway. This style cruiser is not as popular as other cruising options, including express, sedans or convertibles. Focused on the interior, owners will have less flexibility in its usage.

So, if you’re searching for a boat that maximizes interior volume, but lacks in performance and exterior space as a result, an aft cabin cruiser just might be the right boat for you. These cruisers will provide you with spacious cabin space for you and your guests, which is appreciated for extended cruising. Those looking for a little more action on deck should steer clear of aft cabin motor yachts and instead opt for a different style boat that is better suited for fishing, watersports, or day cruising.

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