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Whether you’re a first-time rider or a serious shredder, Heyday is here to launch your wake game into the next level.

Each model is built on the foundation of our Integrated Wake System: Unique design elements that all work together to eliminate the need for add-ons that can stand in the way of effortless wake setup and consistency.

Your Heyday comes wake-ready with engine options ranging from 320-409 HP to maximize performance and ride time.

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About Heyday

Heyday was born in 2016, when our co-founders realized the unmet need for a purpose-built tow boat that could remove cost barriers and initiate more first-time wake sports enthusiasts.

That team, which included many of the same legends who virtually invented the wake sports category, set out on a journey to design what would become our WT Series. By putting wake quality first, they proved it’s possible to offer a combination of performance and value previously unheard of.

We believe an epic ride should be anyone’s for the taking. By crafting the next generation of tow boats to work simply smarter, we put the power in your hands to go out and answer the water’s call.

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