Pathfinder. The Standard in Bay Boats from the Beginning.

Pathfinder bay boats are the direct result of concepts and input from an angler-driven design team, pro guide staff, and a loyal core of customers. Every model and feature starts with the idea of improvement and problem-solving and is conceived from the ground up. These boats are focused products born to do one thing…to put dedicated anglers and their families on fish and to do it with comfort, style, and safety through sensible, proven technology and craftsmanship.

Today the Pathfinder brand is made up of eight models, each carefully designed for specific inshore and nearshore fishing and family applications. Every Pathfinder model meets the challenge with better construction, better components and more features that outperform our customers’ highest expectations.

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Pathfinder literally defined the term bay boat when it launched the bay boat revolution in 1998. Designed by the fabled design team from Maverick Boat Group, the Pathfinder bay boat became the most versatile inshore fishing boat ever conceived. For the first time anglers could take fishing partners, gear and a ton of bait a long way in a short time and arrive at the fishing destination with a truly serious fishing tool.

The Pathfinder name is synonymous with quality, experience, and value. No company in the marine industry knows more about the design, performance and construction of shallow-water and light-tackle fishing boats. That’s why Pathfinder has been recognized for the coveted National Marine Manufacturer’s award for excellence in customer satisfaction every year it has participated in the program going back to 2005. It’s also why Pathfinders have exceptional resale value.

Buying a boat is a big decision. At Pathfinder, we don’t take your investment lightly. If you’re considering a bay boat, do yourself a favor and look strongly at Pathfinder. You’ll be glad you did.

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